Application for Open Policy Alliance Membership

Statement of purpose and shared values

The Open Policy Alliance is an Open Source Initiative project.  Its mission is to convene non-profit organizations with a focus on open disciplines and facilitate opportunities to educate and inform US policy development through information sharing, development of educational materials, and responding to calls for information by governmental bodies.  The goal is to increase understanding of the value of open collaboration in disciplines that benefit the public and to shed light on how these communities work in practice in support of improved policy development.


Open Policy Alliance membership is open to registered charities, non-profit, or equivalent organizations without beneficial owners and with official recognition.  They must be in good standing with a shared interest in information sharing and informing public policy development.  Topics of shared interest include Open Source Software, Open Data, Open Education, Open Research and Open Content.

Members are expected to adhere to OSI’s code of conduct for mailing lists and events.

Interested in joining? Apply by filling in the form below.

Apply to become a member of the Open Policy Alliance

Link to your registry page providing proof of registration as a non-profit or public benefit organization in your country of origin.
Why does your organization wish to join?
Describe the open nature of your organizationā€™s work, the community that surrounds it, and how it is made available. If releasing software, indicate which OSI-approved license is used.

Main Contact of the Organization

Policy Contact

Provide a policy point of contact. This should be the person in your organization whose role includes considering the impact of public policy on your organization’s open mission and can speak to those interests and concerns.

Administrative Contact

This should be a contact in your organization for continuity of representation, or another contact that is a sustained role.